Creating a Bright Future with African Business

Creating a Bright Future with African Business

Attending a TICAD event might not reveal how and where in Africa you should sell your products.So in this article, we have placed our focus on Rwanda, an African nation experiencing rapid growth.

Two decades ago, Rwanda lost 1/7 of its population in a raging civil war.But now, the previous rubbled streets have become neatly paved. There are now transportation systems, new commercial buildings, residential structures and neighborhoods.The nation has undergone dramatic changes through advancements in IT and agriculture.



How could Rwanda achieve this kind of growth? It would not be an overstatement to say that it is a product of international support led by the Japanese government, businesses and municipalities.

While Japan suffers depopulation and economic recession, Rwanda is now in the midst of economic growth. In fully developed countries, the saturated market has proven difficult for new ideas and products to enter the market. On the other hand, the untapped market in Rwanda provides new business opportunities and an opportunity for Japanese firms to help the locals live a better tomorrow.

It’s not just Rwanda that is experiencing this rapid economic growth. Why not expand your business into Africa?

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