Researching and analyzing the local business environment
Support in business model planning
Defining and planning business strategy and simulation
Support in business operation planning
Product test marketing, localization and distribution
Matching your products and services with a local partner







Contact us if you are

A company looking to start a business in the rapidly growing African market.
A company with a successful expansion record in China and South East Asia, planning to further expand overseas.
A company with African business ideas and concerns about feasibility.
A company with African business ideas who has hit a road block in the planning phase.
A company currently doing business in Africa looking to improve business, marketing, or operating strategies.




















Extremely high potential demand and economic growth rate
(steady growth of population under the age of 20)
High credibility towards Japanese products(Ex. Automobiles)
Wide range of business opportunities from infrastructure to consumables.
Contribution to fight social problems such as poverty and improve the standard of living.
Close international relations between Japan and Africa from past development support efforts.





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