What is the high-demanded 1USD item in Africa locally?

What is the high-demanded 1USD item in Africa locally?


In Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, what 1USD items are popular?
About 20 people who lived in the field were surveyed.

Totally 80 items, we surveyed.

The product categories are as follows.
· Beauty accessories
· (Simple) groceries
· Stationery
· Electric appliances
· Sanitary articles
· Underwear · Clothing · Accessories
· Cleaning supplies
· Miscellaneous goods, household goods
· Storage goods
· Kitchen equipment
· Security products
· Others

Some of the items brought

As a part of market research, I asked questions such as “What do you want?”, “Why is it?”, “Is there anything else you want?” to people living in the area.

(Interview to the wife of a friend living in Zambia)

As a result,
· Accessories such as necklaces
· Lotion
· Extension
Sheets for catching rats and cockroaches
· 3 color ballpoint pen
It turns out that the popularity of such as very high.

From the results of this survey, we got an initial hypothesis to sell well,

·To whom
· What kind of products are
· How high quality
· What price range

However, the negative side turned out as well.

As a result of confirming this time again,
“It is difficult to sell Japanese products, especially consumer goods in price range demanded by local people in Africa”
It is a tough reality.
When considering including fleet and tariff in addition to commodity price, it will be such a conclusion.

However, if this is a consumer good that requires durability, the story will be slightly different.
“How much is this product, but unlike cheap guys it has many years, so after all eventually this one gets better!”
It can be expected to be purchased from the viewpoint of running cost even if the price is high with logic such as logic.

Of course, that is a story of when marketing that properly communicates the product value succeeds and functions.
However, as long as it is commodity worthy and durable consumer goods, such rumors are easy to spread in word of mouth in the African market.

It seems that Kaneka’s wigs are selling well because of the high durability of wigs used by women on a daily basis.
In case
A product that can be used for a long time because it is not a single shop but because of its high quality can be said to be a merchandise item worthy of consideration for advancement.

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