Latest market trends in Morocco Vol.1[Telecommunications] 〜With the spread of the 4G environment, business opportunities have arrived!〜

Latest market trends in Morocco Vol.1[Telecommunications] 〜With the spread of the 4G environment, business opportunities have arrived!〜

I stayed in Morocco for about a month to watch market trends in Morocco last Oct. on reading this article, are there someone who are interested in Morocco in terms of business?
I recognize it’s still very few.
When I ask What do you have some idea about Morocco, 90% will answer “sightseeing”. Many Japanese tourists visit Morocco every year, because of the diverse tourism resources including 9 world heritage sites and Tour of the Sahara desert with camel. Some tourism industry officials said the tourism industry, which was affected by the influence of IS seems to be on a recovery trend since last year.
On the other hand, when looking at Morocco from “in term of business, what do you have some idea? In 2015, JETRO also established an office in Rabat, it can be said that there are not much at present, except for “Nissin magrib”.
Thus, Morocco is attractive as a market in term of profit of the market predecessors. The public security is relatively stable, and in urban areas, water supply and sewerage and telecommunications infrastructure are comparable to Europe. It means that in terms of business, Morocco is one of the interesting country in the Africa.
In this series, I will analyse Morocco based on the business side and I would like to provide articles that Japanese companies can use as a hint for discussing the advancement of products in the future.As e-commerce and credit settlement become universal at a rapid pace. the time will be coming when it becomes easier for products and services targeting consumers (middle income class) in Morocco.
At first. I would like to organize the basic information and latest communication environment of Morocco.
□ Population: 33.85 million (2014).
□ Land area: 446,000 ㎢ (about 1.2 times of Japan)
□ GDP(normal): US $ 109.9 billion (2014)
□ GDP growth rate: 4.5% (2015)
□ Language : Arabic, French
□ GDP per capita $ 3,079 (2015)
□ Exchange Rate 1 Dirham (MAD) = 12 Yen (JPY) (December 2017)
The population is not so much. It is about a quarter of Japan. However, I would like to emphasize that the ratio of the population aged 65 and older is as low as 6.3% of the total, and the ratio of young people with purchasing power is relatively large. As a young market, Morocco is a country that can expect scale in the future.

In addition to population ratio, We also have to keep in mind the communication infrastructure and the smartphone environment are developing remarkably.

The communication environment is comfortable to surpass that in Europe!

I think that other African regions are similar, but in Morocco also, the consumer’s smart shift is proceeding. The communication environment (4G environment). is no different from Japan any longer.

The Sim card to use the 4G environment is also cheaper than Japan. Maroc Telecom which is one of the major telecommunications company in Morocco, for example, 20DH (240 yen) at 2G / 1week and 50DH (600 yen) at 5G / 1month. It is not very expensive for local consumers as well.

By the way, in terms of the model of the smartphone, the Samsung product is enormously popular. Next, OPPO which is Chinese maker who entered last year, and Nokia as well known long-established brand The first store of the Apple store was officially established to Rabat last year, but the share of the Apple brand is still relatively low in morocco not yet.
Not only life infrastructure but also communication infrastructure is already built firmly.
What is going to happen in Morocco from now on? We guess it can be easily understood from the current situation in Japan.
It means that “producer” and “consumer” are connected directly with the 4G environment and the smartphone shift. There is a big business opportunity there.
It is unusual to miss this opportunity.
※参照: Ministry of Foreign Affair of Japan

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