Latest market trends in Morocco Vol.2[Retail] 〜young women trend , MINISO entered 3 cities in Morocco!〜

Latest market trends in Morocco Vol.2[Retail] 〜young women trend , MINISO entered 3 cities in Morocco!〜


Easy way to figure out market trends.
It is a walk around the shopping mall with native.
Anyway, observe the commodity shelf thoroughly.


Despite entering for the first time last year, MINISO already recognized locally

In this time, I would like to pick up “MINISO” which was conspicuous in the shopping mall of the second city of Morocco “Fes”.
I think that it is a familiar brand for those who have worked in China and other Asian countries.
It seems like you have seen somewhere … Most will have such an impression…very complicated emotion.

There are are two founders, first Mr. Junya Miyake, a Japanese designer graduated from the Bunka Fashion College, and a global co-founder Mr. Ye Guo Hou, from Chinese,Hubei.

In Morocco, it is widely recognized as “Le magasin de 25DH (300 yen shop in French)” as it is a so-called 100 yen shop.
It seems that opening rush will continue in the future.


It is a gathering of “UNIQLO”, “MUJI” and “DAISO”

Tanger, Casablanca, Fes.
All are large cities with a population of 1 million or more.
MINISO shop is built in the corner of a shopping mall located in a so-called new city.

First of all, I have observed the Casablanca and Fes stores.
I would like to confirm what kind of products are selling.

Casual fashion products.
A short length socks is about 500 yen / 1 set.
It is by no means cheap.

Also many consumer goods. This is about 450 yen(500g)

Main target is female customers.A lot of luxury goods (beauty, cosmetics, health) targeting young women are seen in the product group.
This one is the most expensive electric beauty brush at the store (about 1200 yen).

Some products around the kitchen as well. One cup is about 300 yen.
It would be fine if you could imagine Nitori.

Many products using characters as stationery and stationery.

There are many young women in this store(20s〜30s). Many users were putting multiple items in the basket while walking around (unit price per customer is unknown).
The purchasing style and the flow line of consumers are the same impression as those of Japanese Daiso.

By seeing the product, You can understand the reality is that only a small number of 25DH items. However, in the heads of Moroccan consumers, the consciousness of Le magasin de 25DH is rooted.
It can be said that “positioning” is established in the marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy is working.


Prefer to understandable concept

What is at the core of this stunning marketing strategy?
It has two.

The first one is an easy-to-understand concept. The concept of simple, natural, good quality (high cost performance) is very match with the preference of Moroccans who prioritize emotional benefits over functional benefits when purchasing products.

Secondly, “Japan Brand”.
It seemed that there were many good points on this matter.
It appears to work strongly as a factor to increase purchase intent.
※Their headquarter is located in Tokyo

Currently, the MINISO brand is developing worldwide at a phenomenal speed under these 2 brand strategies.

Advancement to Africa is no exception. Currently in the continent of Africa also advanced to 6 countries. In Morocco in August last year they set up a store in Casablanca for the first time. Then in the following month they are also developing in 2 cities (Tangier, Fes). The strength of MINISO is this amazing speed.

Some say, “It is just a imitation ,Copies of Japanese brands.”

The logo resembles UNIQLO, the product lineup is as MUJI, naming and sales and store strategy is such as Daiso…some Moroccan friends talk to me strongly, who traveled Japan before (It means they do know the Japanese original store,brand).

However, many Moroccans do not know the common Japanese product that we know as usual.

My friend who loves Miniso expressed…

“We get several products of high-quality Japanese brand at a lower price, 25D shop is formidable, I will buy a lot of them because it is kind of fashionable.”

All important factors in business expansion in Morocco are packed into this word.
The Moroccans are themselves making Japanese standard as “MINISO = Japanese brand”.

Top priority is emotional benefits

When choosing products, people consider roughly dividing two benefits on the balance.
“functional benefits” and “emotional benefits”.

Japanese emphasize “functional benefits” overwhelmingly compared with other countries.
If you look at shelf on the drug store.
We can see the word like…”● × formulation” “● × new ingredients” on catch copy, product tag, pop.

On the other hand, how about Africa countries including Morocco?

I emphasize overwhelmingly “emotional benefits”.
Of course there are certain number of goods with needs that have been segmented.
It is a beauty-related product and health related product.

However, the majority of Moroccans are emphasizing emotional aspects rather than the functional aspect which the product itself is appealing, such as “I love Japanese brands” or “I want to boast to my friends”.

“We get several products of high-quality Japanese brand at a lower price, 25D shop is formidable, I will buy a lot of them because it is kind of fashionable.”

Expressing these words, they take the product ” unconsciously” from the shelf.
This is the strength of MINISO.

※参照:MINISO website

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