Morocco running for the host of 2026 World Cup

Morocco running for the host of 2026 World Cup

Will it be the first achievement in North Africa?
BBC reports that Morocco is starting a campaign for the host of World Cup in 2026.

Morocco’s Football Federation representative Fouzi Lekjaa announced that he would officially run for the 2026 World Cup host country at a meeting held the other day. For the chief director leading the invitation, they Appointed the former President of the country (Hicham El Amrani).

The main host city is currently undecided, but probably Casablanca or Marrakech. Morocco is campaigning together as a nation since the 2010 South Africa World Cup 2010.

The competitor seems to be strong. It is the three countries of the United States, Canada, Mexico. Moreover, these three countries are running for co-hosting of three countries.

Mexico, which has already held two World Cups,United States, which has also held the World Cup in 1994, and Canada who has been hosting the girls’ World Cup in 2015, formed triple tags . almost all considered to be powerful as the host of 2016 world cup so far.

(As stipulated by FIFA, The two areas can not be candidates because 2018 is hosted in Russia (European division) and 2022 is held in Qatar (Asian division).


But it is not sure there is no chance of winning in Morocco.

Although there may be few people who are connected with Morocco and football, Moroccan people are more concerned about football, not less than Europe. When Morocco determined the candidate of the World Cup in 2018 Russia world cup since 1996 world cup in France, not only excited supporters but also the entire people was enveloped in delight. It is not difficult for the public to aim together because football is national sports in morocco.

Also in respect of infrastructure side, Ministry of Youth Ministry of Sports minister Tarbi El Alami said, “Morocco has been rapidly developing in sports, infrastructure, hotels, airports, highways and public transport networks since we invest steadily in 2003, there is no problem. That point will also work advantageously at the selection of the venue.

In particular, in terms of transportation infrastructure, TGV (high-speed rail) will be opened between Tanger and Casablanca in the summer of 2018 summer. This shortens the travel time of Tanger – Casablanca. In addition, domestic flights (Royal air morocco) covers in all other cities. There is not corcerned about this issue.

In terms of the experience of the international convention, Morocco did the host of the club World Cup(2013,2014). As there are already a number of stadiums that have responded to the international convention,that will also work positive.

The 2026 World Cup attract attention as “the opening of the new World Cup”.For example the number of participating countries has increased from 36 countries to 48 countries.It is special in term of commercial impact and historical issue.

How will Morocco appeal to the international community as “Worth the World Cup in North Africa” ? We would like to wait for the next report.


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