Retail business in Africa 〜Hyper-market in Mauritius〜

Retail business in Africa 〜Hyper-market in Mauritius〜

When going abroad, by turning around a local super market, you can grasp the living standards and the characteristics of demand and the trends of that place generally.
This article introduces about the super market in Mauritius.
You can also refer “Super market circumstances in Africa – Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia –“.
(Written in only Japanese)
Mauritius attracts as a business advanced country, and ranked No. 1 as African country, in「Doing Business 2018」(25 th place in the world) announced by the World Bank.
(25th in the world)
And GDP per capita is No.1 in Africa (About 1 million JPY / year)
First of all, we’d better to suppress the kind of supermarket.
The first is “Hyper Market” selling household appliances, clothing items, small agricultural machinery etc.
The second is “Medium sized super market“ that selling food and clothes.
Finally, myriad of personal shops in Africa “Kiosk”
And, there also are “Hand sell sales men” selling any kind of stuffs when traffic jam and taking a rest in restaurant or somewhere.
This time it mainly introduces hypermarket.
The first impression is very huge and organized.
Compared with large supermarkets such as Costco and SEIYU, they are almost same in scale.
Characteristics of assortment is the number of nonessential (luxury) grocery items.
Mainly smoking and alcohol, particularly wine.
Mauritius is close to South Africa, and South Africa is well known as wine producer, and it was originally a colony of France.
It’s due to above aspects.
Most of them contain high alcohol rate, and low alcohol drink is not popular, as opposite to Japan.

Wine and cheese is fullness and various price.
The selection of wines is substantial, but the handling of cheese is also abundant.

Cheese selling place is also huge.

Abundant variety you can see.

Speaking of tobacco, products of Marlboro, which are well-known even in Japan, are being sold.
And you can see high smoking rate in Mauritius by walking through in town.
Local student say “the tax rate is abnormally high only for tobacco because no one will stop smoking”.
Next, let’s move to fish corner.
There are few low fish.

Instead of low fish, there are many frozen fish.

Mauritius is the island like Japan and this super market is a few minutes by walking from the coast.
But there is little low fish in this super market.
The reason why to explain it, most of the fishes and shellfishes harvested in Mauritius exported to Europe, especially the UK and France.
So Mauritius import processed things, frozen fishes from Europe.
As a result, the price of fish is high and there is only frozen fishes.
(Reference :
Next, move to meat corner.

Most of frozen products, but many chicken and beef are sold.
In pigs, processed one such as ham were sold, while they were not sold as fresh one.



Mauritius’s religious distribution by MOFA indicates,
「Hinduism (52%), Christianity (30%), Muslim (17%), Buddhism (0.7%)」
(Reference :
As the matter of fact, this hyper market sells a lot of chicken, du to consideration for Hindus.
In terms of religion, demand for chicken is generally high in Mauritius.
Next, home appliances.
There are many European manufacturers especially France and the UK.

Panasonic iron from Japan.

And little sweets from Japan.
This is “Pocky” by Glico.

Besides, Ajinomoto products and wasabi of S&B are sold.


Especially, number of shops selling smartphones and music products.
This is apple shop.

This is Sumsung shop.

There are other cosmetic shops and others.

Not only in Mauritius, there is cosmetics demand in Africa that exceeds the expected demand from the income level.
Interest in beauty is very high.
Customers is not only local people, nut also a lot tourists.
In this hyper market near beech, the tourists bought Sunscreen.
The income level seems to be high in Mauritius.
Prices are almost the same as those in Japan.
Many people smoke and drink as nonessential (luxury) items.
At the end of the second floor part of the supermarket, there were compartments for business, and latest laptops were sold.
The vehicles in Mauritius are right-hand drive like Japan, the share of Japanese cars seems more than 70%.
When I ask local people “What do you image when it comes to Japan?”, most of them answered to me “Great car” or “TOYOTA”.
High presence of Japanese automobiles can be realized even in Mauritius like other African countries.
Based on that trust, I feel there is plenty of room for Japanese companies to enter in.

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