TICAD VII to be Held in Yokohama

TICAD VII to be Held in Yokohama

TICAD is an international conference founded in 1993, led by Japan. Its goal is to promote international ties with Africa, while also providing financial support and investment.

TICAD 6, the most recent conference, was held in Nairobi, Kenya back in August 2016. It was the first TICAD conference to be held in Africa. Over 11,000 attendees, including top government officials and economic advisors from 53 African nations, as well as leaders from international organizations, business sectors, and NGOs joined the conference. In addition, 77 Japanese organizations, which included businesses and universities, joined Prime Minister Abe.

In TICAD 6, Japan announced the Nairobi Declaration as commitment to invest 30 billion USD into Africa. Currently, the Japanese government is providing financial support and making investments to promote infrastructure development utilizing Japanese technology.

There will be a discussion among African nations to determine specific dates and scheduling of TICAD 7 in Mozambique on August 24 and 25th, 2017.Details have not been announced, yet there is anticipation that TICAD 7 will further strengthen relations between Japan and Africa.

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